Alloy Piston Compressors

NuAir NB2800B_100_3M_Tech.jpgNUAIR Compressors are designed to offer all users a reliable, efficient and durable product, manufactured to the highest standard, with every product backed up by a comprehensive warranty and technical assistance.

All NUAIR products are manufactured to the highest specification and in accordance with stringent international standards.

Small Direct Drive Alloy Piston Compressors (Portable)

Direct Drive compressors are available in a variety of formats with oil-lubricated combined motor/pump units from 0.5kW/0.75HP up to 2.2kW/3HP mounted on air receivers from 5ltr to 50ltr.

Oil-Free Direct Drive Alloy Piston Compressors (Portable)

Oil-free direct drive combined motor/pump units are also available up to 1.5kW/2HP on air receivers from 5ltr to 50ltr.

Belt Driven Alloy Piston Compressors (Portable & Stationary)

NUAIR's range offers a separate belt driven motor & compressor pump units available in sizes from 1.5kW/2HP to 7.5kW/10HP on a wide range of air receivers from 50ltr portable to 270ltr static air receivers.  AMA also offer tandem duplex compressors with two full compressor sub-bases mounted on one air receiver for applications such as one compressor sub-base duty load and one standby compressor sub-base.

bambi 150 MD Range.jpg

Bambi Silent and Oil Free Compressors

AMA stock a wide array of silenced compressors, from silent oil immersed compressors to silenced cabinet oil-free compressors to silenced cabinet oil-lubricated alloy belt driven piston compressors.

The silent oil immersed compressors range from 0.3kW/0.5HP to 1.5kW/2HP units with noise levels at 40db (A).

The silenced oil-free compressor is a 1.5kW/2HP units with noise levels at 66db (A).

The silenced belt-driven compressors range from 1.5kW/2HP to 7.5kW/10HP units with noise levels at 68db (A).