Poppers-Senco Tools & Fasteners from AMA

Poppers Senco

AMA Compressed Air Specialists Ltd presently supply a vast range of Poppers-Senco products including pinners, nailers, staplers and collated screwdrivers. SENCO is one of the world's most famous brands in fastening technology, producing a wide range of pneumatic, electric and battery-powered tools, plus a formidable range of high-quality fasteners to meet demanding requirements across a broad spread of industries.

The following is just a small selection of products on offer...

Pinners & Brad Nailers

Headless Fine Pinners
Slight Head Pinners
Light Brad Nailers
Angled Brad Nailers
23 Gauge - Headless Fine Pinners
(Length 12-25mm)
18 Gauge - Slight Head Pinners
(Length 15-50mm)
16 Gauge - Light Brad Nailers
(Length 32-63mm)
15 Gauge - Angled Brad Nailers
(Length 25-63mm)

Coil & Strip Nailers

Coil & Strip Nailers2.9 - 3.3 Gauge - 34° Clipped Head Nailers
(Length 50mm - 90mm)

2.9 - 3.3 Gauge - 34° ClipHead Gas Nailers
(Length 50mm - 90mm)

2.1 - 3.3 Gauge - Coil Nailers
(Length 25mm - 90mm)



Fine-Wire Stapler
Medium-Wire Stapler
Heavy-Wire Stapler
Fine-Wire Stapler - A, AT, B, C, E & F Type
(Length 3mm - 16mm)
Medium-Wire Stapler - L & M Type
(Length 10mm - 38mm)
Heavy-Wire Stapler - N Type
(Length 25mm - 50mm)

Collated Screwdrivers

Corded Screwdriver
Battery Screwdriver
110v or 230v Corded Screwdriver
3.5 - 4.2 Gauge (Length 25mm - 75mm)
14v, 18v or 24v Battery Screwdriver
3.5 - 4.2 Gauge (Length 25mm - 75mm)

Specialist Tools

Self-clinching Pliers, F & J Type, (Length 10mm - 16mm)
Corrugated Fastening Tool, X Type, (Length 6mm - 15mm)
Hog Ring Tool, C & D Type, (Length 14mm - 24mm)