John Guest Push Fit System

John Guest

The easy to use push fit system for Compressed Air

The John Guest range of push-in fittings and pipe provide the ideal connection from compressor receiver to air line service components through to complete ring main and take off points. A compressed air system can be installed quickly and easily, compared with other installation methods, time savings of at leat 50% are easily achievable.

John Guest PipeJohn Guest Pipe

No need to prepare threaded pipe or solvent, all the connections can be made with a simple push-in action. The system is then immediately ready for use. Complex systems can be assembled much more rapidly than with traditional methods and because fittings are easy to disconnect, systems can be altered or extended with much reduced production down time. The fittings are produced in either a tough engineering plastics material or in brass in sizes 12mm to 28mm. They are intended for use with John Guest nylon pipe but can also be used with copper or aluminium pipe.

  • Installation time reduced by at least 50%
  • Safe, secure, leakproof
  • Easy to alter or extend a system
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • No corrosion, reduced maintenance

John Guest


John Guest
John Guest


Pipe and fittings should be kept clean and undamaged before use. These products are designed for use with compressed air. For other applications please contact our Customer Services Department.

The system is not recommended for use with explosive gases, petroleum spirits and other fuels or for central heating systems.