La-Man Extractor/Dryer

The La-Man Extractor/Dryer® is suitable for smaller applications, i.e. Plasma Cutters, wood-working machinery, paint spraying and applications where no electrical power is available.

La-Man® takes a different approach to cleaning up contaminated compressed airlines. Our Extractor/Dryer provides the best service when it is located at the point-of-use in an application. This allows the air from the compressor to cool, thus condensing to liquid and enabling the Extractor/Dryer to do its job. The shortest distance from our filter to the point-of-use ensures cleaner air, therefore protecting valuable machinery and equipment.

La-Man Dryer

Features and Benefits:

  • Models range from 15 SCFM
  • Standard 5 micron ratings (lower micron rating available)
  • Removes 99% of the liquids entering the Extractor/Dryer
  • Easy to install and maintain without removal
  • Lightweight aluminium housing
  • Immediate cost savings from decreased downtime
  • Standard inlet and outlet NPT sizes
  • Improve equipment performance and product quality

Additional options available: float drain, regulator, lockout valve and electronic drain.