HPC-Kaeser Large Screw Compressors

HPC CompressorAMA Compressed Air Specialists Ltd also supply larger compressed air systems for factory applications in all industrial fields.  From Hydraulic pressings to steel fabrication, printing to food manufacturers and processors - AMA Compressed Air Specialists Ltd has a solution to suit your needs.

The larger HPC compressors incorporate the following features as well as additional benefits:

  • Energy saving EFF1 motors to IP55 and insulation class F fitted as standard
  • Energy saving frequency controlled variable speed drives are available
  • Energy saving 1:1 drive system
  • Energy saving Powerful Radial Cooling Fan
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ability to operate at full load 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Efficient cooling air flow system including separate coolers for compressed air and fluid
  • Energy saving SIGMA PROFILE airend

AMA offer HPC compressed air solutions in numerous different formats and sizes to suit all customer needs.

The large screw compressor product range is suitable for Bodyshops, Power stations, Medical and Research facilities, Learning Institutions and Large Factories (e.g. Timberframe, food, Printing and Packaging), etc.

HPC Compressor
  • SK Series - SK21, SK24 - 11kW to 15kW Screw Compressor
  • SK-T Series - SK21T, SK24T - 11kW to 15kW Screw Compressor c/w Refrigerant Dryer
  • ASK Series - ASK27, ASK32, ASK35 - 15kW to 22kW Screw Compressor
  • ASK-T Series - ASK27T, ASK32T, ASK35T - 15kW to 22kW Screw Compressor c/w Refrigerant Dryer
  • ASD Series - ASD32, ASD37, ASD47, ASD57 - 18.5kW to 30kW Screw Compressor
  • ASD-T Series - ASD32T, ASD37T, ASD47T, ASD57T - 18.5kW to 30kW Screw Compressor c/w Refrigerant Dryer
  • BSD Series - 30kW to 45kW Screw Compressors (Int Dryer Optional)
  • CSD Series - 45kW to 75kW Screw Compressors (Int Dryer Optional)
  • DSD Series - 75kW to 160kW Screw Compressors (Int Dryer Optional)

AMA also supplier Screw Compressors larger than 160kW.